how to buy bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoins Online ?

Buy bitcoins from online exchanges:

Bitcoin exchanges allow traders to sell and purchase the cryptocurrency. Before you trade with most Bitcoin exchanges you will have to learn about the requirements of Know-your-customer (KYC).  Also, it is a prerequisite to verify your identity with anti-money laundering (AML). After doing this, follow the guidelines specified by the exchange to link your bank account. From there, deposit funds and start buying bitcoins

Here some platforms you can start with:

1. Bitcoin Exchanges

The various Bitcoin exchanges to consider in the UK include Coinbase, Coinfloor, CoinCorner and Yacuna. Also, there are exchanges outside the British isle that enable international transfers, including, Kraken, Safello, and Circle.

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2. Bitcoin Brokerages

Apart from exchanges, you can buy the cryptocurrency at Bitcoin brokerages. A good brokerage firm is the Quickbitcoin. Quickbitcoin allows customers to transfer whatever amount of bitcoins they wish. Moreover, traders can use cash deposits or UK Faster Payments.

3. Peer-to-Peer platforms

Also, peer-to-peer forums are ideal places to buy Bitcoin. Primarily, these trading platforms do not hold or trade bitcoins. Rather, the P2P marketplaces just connect buyers and sellers who want to exchange the cryptocurrency. The leading peer-to-peer service providers to check out include Bittylicious, BitBargain, CrytoMate, and BitttyBot.

4. Bitcoin ATMs

There are various Bitcoin ATMs that have emerged within the past one year in the UK. Even though most are in London, there are others in Glasgow, Isle of Man and Brighton.

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how to buy bitcoins

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