how to buy bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoins ?

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My name is Jean and if you are reading this page, it probably means that you are asking yourself the same question I pondered upon a few years ago; "How To Buy Bitcoins Quickly And Safely?"

I have tried and tested many different ways to purchase bitcoins online and offline.
I have seen the good, the bad and the utterly ugly. I am not really into "naming and shaming" companies so I will mainly focus on the smartest way to buy bitcoins.

In order to avoid all the mistakes that I have made you must make sure that your bitcoin provider offers these 3 mandatory features:

Feature Number 1: Reliable Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

The bitcoin wallet allows you to buy goods online and offline.
It works pretty much like a current account. You bitcoin wallet should not hold more than 10% of your total bitcoin wealth.
A good bitcoin wallet must work swiftly on desktops and it must work as well on all mobile devices.

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Feature Number 2: Secured Bitcoin Vault

At least 90% of your bitcoin wealth should be in a bitcoin vault.
The bitcoin vault works pretty much like a savings account. Therefore, the majority of your money should be place in a bitcoin vault - safely kept away from any potential fraudulent transactions. The bitcoin vault allows you to keep an offline record of your bitcoin wealth in a highly secure physical vault.

Feature Number 3: Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor Authentication is a great feature that add even more security to your
bitcoin holding. It is composed of two quick steps:

Step1: You must enter your account's email address and password.

Then you move to step2...

Step2: The bitcoin merchant/exchange company will text a random privacy code
to your mobile phone. You must enter the code correctly in order to access your account.

Those security steps take only seconds to complete and they provide
extra peace of mind for millions of bitcoin users worldwide.
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In summary, a bitcoin wallet, a bitcoin vault and a two-factor authentication are the mandatory features that your account must have in order for you to peacefully enjoy all the bitcoin's benefits. Of course each bitcoin provider will have different set of processes on how to buy bitcoins or how to send bitcoins, but the features mentioned above are the foundation of a quality bitcoin account.

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how to buy bitcoins

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